Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just got back the results to last week's midterm. Recall that I felt VERY confident about the exam and that I thought it was easy...

Once again, whenever I feel something is easy I end up doing very poorly. =(

The passing grade was 70% and I got 71%. At least I passed, right? =)

In other news, the Fat Loss Chronicles is giving away a pedometer! I currently own a pedometer but I hate how mine has to clip onto my pants because sometimes it damages my pants. But the one that's currently being given away works in your pocket, clipped to the waist of your pants, and even in your purse! How exciting!


  1. congrats on passing your exam! That counts!!! Don't beat yourself up over it! I've taken plenty of exams where i was estatic to just pass, rather than get an A. Good luck to ya!!

  2. argh don't you hate the exams you think you aced only to find totally didn't. oh well, at least you passed :) hope you win the pedometer.

  3. hey, you passed! good for you!