Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Worst Day Ever!

Today has got to be the worst day ever, or at least one of the top few. I had an interview today at 1 p.m. I leave the house at 11:50. The ride is usually 30 minutes to 45 minutes long. Everything was fine until I get to the highway, where all I saw was two city workers and one unmarked police car blocking the exit that I need to get to. I think, "hmm, it shouldn't take that long. I'll just wait." I turn on the radio to see what is actually going on.

Twenty minutes later, I KNOW things are going no where. Other cars are getting out of the line and taking other routes, but I don't know any other route because I just past it. When I finally get close enough in the line, like 5 cars away, I KNOW we're never going to get through. So, I finally decide to take another route. THEN I GET LOST.

You would THINK that following other cars that were going to go the same route as you would know where to go. Apparently not! I wanted to cry in the car because I phoned everyone I knew and they didn't know where I was or could even give me directions.

Finally, I was half an hour late for my interview. =(

Just when I thought it was all over, I felt like traffic jams were following me everywhere. This route I take that normally takes less than 5 mins, took at LEAST 25 mins today because this truck was driving at less than 5 km/hr.

And tomorrow, I shall get lost AGAIN.


  1. Oh that's rough. Hope the interview went well anyway.

  2. I'm sorry. Traffic delays drive me nuts and I get lost a lot.