Friday, March 13, 2009

I took some pictures yesterday for some new items for my shop but then I got too lazy to upload them. One of the pictures was on the 18 crane listing I have. It took sooooo long to line up all the cranes and get them to stand in a V formation XD. But the results were really good (on my camera that is, since I haven't gotten around to uploading them).

This is the first week since this semester started that I have no assignments, no exams, no presentations, no NOTHING for a whole week. Yet, I'm too lazy to get started on next week's due list.

Here's some sites that I thought I might share with you all:
The above 2 sites talk about how to start smoking. This was brought up during class today and it absolutely stunned me. Too bad the site that I was presented with in class has since been shut down, but the above sites are just as bad. The one in class was talking about how smoking makes you look sexy and even though the first time you smoke you might look awkward, you can only look sexier each time you smoke. Who on earth thinks smoking makes you look sexy?! The site also commented on how even if you look fantastic already, you'll look even better after smoking. I hope the creators of the site was being sarcastic and I'm extremely glad it was shut down.


  1. If these aren't a joke, I would imagine they are compensated very well. Ugh...

  2. Starting smoking, eh? hahahaha! I hope that they were too being sarcastic.